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Detailed information


Stiven Gagikovich Sardarian

date of birth

Feb 7, 2003

place of birth

St. Petersburg, Russia


175 cm


61 kg


player of “Rus” hockey team (Moscow)/ right wing forward

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Stiven Sardarian was born on Feb 07, 2003 in St. Petersburg. Since childhood, Stiven has been interested in the life of a true hockey player and in 2007 a decision was made and he joined the Sports School of the Olympic Reserve for children and adolescents in Moscow District, St. Petersburg. On the very first day after the training - the first challenge for a child - Stiven pinched his hand in the door of the locker room. This incident didn’t frighten his parents, nor Stiven. Having recovered from a fracture of his two fingers, he started to actively train with Maksim Maksimov. He had 5 training sessions a week. Within the first few days his coach had managed to discern the qualities of the future hockey player: pre-planned strategy, deliberate moves, and precise hand movement. It became clear that Stiven has every change to become a successful forward. Ever since then position from the right wing has been his favorite.



From the very beginning, Stiven had concentrated only on hockey - he worked hard, improved his skills and took a leading position in his team. He started taking part in competitions - in tournaments and championships of different caliber.

Perhaps, this persistence was the result of a promise to his father who would insist on leaving sports in case of low effectiveness. “If you are not the first, if you are not the best - you will leave hockey”, these are the words of his father Gary Sardarian that Stiven keeps in mind.

His father has always been his inspiration and friend. In order to support his son and to extend his opportunities to take part in training with stronger teams, his father decided that the family should temporarily move to Moscow. After a hard farewell to his favorite coach, school and hockey friends, Stiven had to earn respect in a new and unaccustomed place and surroundings.



After moving to Moscow in 2014, Stiven became a member of “Rus” hockey club led by Pavlov Nikolai Yakovlevich. It is worth noting that Nikolai Pavlov is one of the best coaches in Moscow and over the past 5-7 years his teach has won all the major tournaments and championships in the country. The new team has become a second family for Stiven.

In 2016, having scored most points, Steven became the best scorer of the “Tretyak Cup” (Moscow). In 2016 Stiven’s team, as a part of the Moscow team, took the first place in the hockey tournament among teenagers. 2017 was marked by the fact that Stiven played as a member of the Moscow national team in the hockey tournament among young players and in VIII Winter Games in Sochi, where his team took the first place. In 2017 the team Stiven plays for took the first place as a part the Moscow team in the  “Championship among the teams of teenagers (born in 2003) of the Federal Districts” (the city of Sochi).

At present, Stiven continues to train in the HC “Rus” 2003 (Moscow) and plays as a right wing forward. Over the past 4 years, HC “Rus” Moscow 2003 has been winning all the championships in Russia and abroad.



In the summer 2017, Stiven was trained by the best coaches of the National Hockey League in Okanagan Hockey Academy in the cities of Pentincton and Toronto (Canada) for two months. This trip gave Stiven an opportunity to play in strong teams, practice English and, of course, learn from the best coaches such as Stu Barnes, Willie Desjardins, Mike Bancock and many others. Here Stiven passed all the tests in physical disciplines necessary in hockey and the results he showed were really good.

At the end of the first month of his training sessions, Stiven was even included into several teams of senior groups participating in different championships. Stiven made many friends among strong sports people, future professional hockey players of different national leagues. He also met and adopted experience from top-level coaches and hockey managers. Stiven was offered to continue training in Canada in the best teams of Toronto and Vancouver, but neither Stiven nor his family are ready to make such a change yet.



Stiven was born on the 7th and, of course, he chose to play under the number 7. Superstitious as may seem, but Stiven and his family do believe that number 7 brings good luck. His parents have always done their best and tried to make sure that Stiven has his lucky number 7.

Initially,  it was nothing but sheer luck that Stiven was randomly given number 7 when he played for the team of SCYSOR, in St. Petersburg, at the age of 6.

Another interesting coincidence occurred before one of the matches. All the players were ordered a set of new hockey outfit and Stiven was given his with the number 7 on it. And on that day he scored all three winning goals out of all the goals all the other members of his team had scored. Ever since that moment number 7 has been his lucky number.



Stiven was born in a large and close-knit family and has three brothers and two sisters. He has supportive relatives who are very sensitive to the desires of each member of their family. Almost all of them, moved to Moscow for the sake of a successful career of little (at the time) Stiven.

Almost all his free time he is trying to spend with his family. Whenever possible, especially in the summer, Stiven tries to spend his free time at the homeland of his ancestors - Armenia or Spain, where his family currently resides. Apart from hockey, Stiven also attends a gym and is fond of chess.