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Detailed information


Stiven Gagikovich Sardarian

date of birth

Feb 7, 2003

place of birth

St. Petersburg, Russia


185 cm


71 kg


Youngstown Phantoms hockey player (USHL)

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Steven Sardarian was born on February 7, 2003 in St. Petersburg. In 2019, he entered the Russian State University of Physical Culture and Sports (RSUPCSMiT) in Moscow, the hockey department, where he regularly returns to take exams. He has a big strong family, two brothers and two sisters who live in Russia and Spain. Since early childhood, Steven started actively learning the life of a real hockey player - in 2007, he was accepted into the children's sports school of Olympic reserve in St. Petersburg. On the very first day after practice - the kid's first adult challenge - Steven's palm was accidentally pinched by a door in the locker room. This incident did not scare his parents nor Steven. Having recovered from the fracture of two fingers, he began active training with Maxim Maksimov. Classes were held 5 times a week. Within the first few days the coach noticed important qualities for the future hockey player: pre-planned strategy, deliberate moves, accurate work of hand movements. It became clear that Steven had every chance of becoming a successful forward.



From the very first day of training Steven was focused only on hockey - he worked hard, improved his skills, and was a leader on the team. Soon he began to participate in competitions - tournaments at various levels, including championships. Perhaps this perseverance was the result of a promise to his father, who would warn him every season about quitting the sport in the event of low performance. Soon Steven moved to Moscow to expand his potential and train in one of the best teams led by coach Pavlov Nikolai Yakovlevich.


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After moving to Moscow in 2014, Steven became the top scorer in terms of points at the Tretiak Cup (Moscow). In 2016, Steven's team took 1st place in the junior hockey tournament as a member of the Moscow team. 2017, Steven took the first place a as part of the Moscow team in the hockey championship in the VIII Winter Tournament in Sochi. 2017 - 1st place as a member of the Moscow team in the "Championship of the Federal Districts". (Sochi). Steven Sardarian finished his career in HC “Rus”, Moscow, with a brilliant game in the U15 World Selects Invitational on 03, May 2018 in Philadelphia USA, among 36 other teams from all over the world, where Steven was the top scorer of the tournament.

After completing the 2018 season, Steven was invited to join the “Red Army” Youth Hockey League CSKA Moscow. In the 2019-20 Moscow Championship season, Steven was part of the CSKA JHL CSKA MOSCOW and scored 107 points in 34 games.

In 2021, Steven received several offers to develop his professional career in Canada and North America. While retaining his sporting rights in Russia, CSKA Moscow club, Steven's family accepted an offer to develop his professional skills in the United States.

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In the summer of 2017, Steven spent two months training with the best coaches in the National Hockey League at the Okanagan Hockey Academy in Penticton and Toronto, Canada. This trip gave him an opportunity to play on strong teams with foreigners, practice English and, of course, learn from top hockey coaches. Here Steven was tested for the first time in all the physical disciplines of hockey and he did show high results.


In 2021, Steven enrolled at Youngstown State University to learn English intensively. At the same time, he transferred to the USHL Hockey Youngstown Phantoms league to develop his athletic skills. That same year Steven accepted an offer and signed a contract with the University of New Hampshire USA to study at there from 2022-23 and was drafted into the UNH NCAA Hockey league in June 2021. One month later, in July 2021, Steven was drafted in the United States National Hockey League by the Buffalo Sabres NHL club as the No. 88 pick in the 3rd round. In August 2021 Steven moved to the United States and began actively training and playing games for the Youngstown Phantoms. On this team Steven will spend a year, which is an ideal team for self-realization as well as a great opportunity for him to practice the English language to enter the University of New Hampshire.