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Stiven spent the summer of the 2017 in the Hockey Academy, in Okanagan, training and perfecting his skills. All the training sessions were of increased complexity and included everything necessary for the professional growth of the young, prospective hockey players. In August, at the end of his training in Canada, Stiven was invited to take part in an international Tournament devoted to the Improvement and Development of the Sports School of Okanagan, a unique program that attracts players from all over the world. The tournament was held in Pentincton. Each tournament is categorized by the age of the players, which basically allows the hockey players to better prepare for the requirements of the following season.

2016 WSI 03 Championship «Russ Moscow» - «Pro Hockey» (5:4)

Stiven Sardarian plays for the team "Rus Moscow" in 2016 WSI 03 Championship against “Pro Hockey” team.