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10 years in hockey, more than 100 awards

For Stiven 2017 is a significant year, which marks 10 years of his career in hockey In 2007, at the age of 4, he went onto the ice with a stick for the first time. Over the past 10 years, Stiven has played in such teams as “SCYSOR” (St. Petersburg), “Silver Lions” (St. Petersburg) and “Rus” (Moscow). During all the matches Stiven almost always manages to stick to his favorite number - 7, which is by right is his lucky number and his mascot - the date of birth, the year he started his career and constant random coincidence in drawing the number before every game.

For his short career Stiven has won more than one hundred awards and medals for his excellence as a hockey player, taken first places and awarded the title of the best scorer. All Stiven’s awards are kept in his father’s study in St. Petersburg. These regalia are a token of the son’s gratitude towards his father, who believes in Stiven’s success and constantly supports him.

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