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Any self-respecting hockey player has certain superstitions that help them win in different matches. Great Ray Burke would unlace his skates after morning skating and would lace his skates up right before the game, Guy Loffler would smoke only menthol cigarettes, and Joe Newindike would have two toasts with peanut butter before every match they played.

Number 7 - is Stiven Sardarian’s  magic number.  Stiven’s date of birth is Feb 7; 2007 - was the year of his hockey career; number 7 has almost always been drawn in all the major matches and brought him victory. The first coincidence occurred at the age of 6 when Stiven was playing for “SCYSOR” in St. Petersburg, All the members of the team were ordered new hockey wear and when numbers were being distributed among the players of the team Stiven got number 7. That day he scored all three winning goals. Ever since that match 7 has been his lucky number.

7 in numerology: “People born on the 7th day of any of the months  are said to be honest, open-minded  and independent. These people are skillful and are good at observation, research, analysis, scientific thinking, technical science and are very resourceful. Such people always strive to be the best in the field of activity they are engaged in. They achieve their success through observation, calculation and analysis. Intuition and willpower come to them with time."


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