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The leading Canadian sports school “Okanagan Hockey School” gathered a professional team with extensive experience in the  field of testing on ice. The full name of the system is “WHI Combine Testing/Sport Testing Inc.”  The mechanics of such tests is based on the assessment of the analytics of decisions taken during practical classes held on ice, which allows to effectively identify the strengths of the player and to predict their future success. The testing program includes:  individual testing on ice,  group testing on ice, analytical tests, individual assessment of the player, as well as systematic comparison with other players by rating.

The Western Hockey League in partnership with Okanagan Hockey is the number one choice for assessment of  large-scale sportsmen form Canada and the United States. This testing equipment was invented and is constantly being improved by the developer of Sport Testing Inc., and it should be noted that it has been used for many years by the Western Hockey League. Such testing allows coaches to monitor the abilities of a player as their height/ weight change and to measure  the dynamics of their development in order to draw up a more productive training plan.

In 2017, in Pentincton (Canada) Stiven passed his first test in accordance with the Canadian hockey standards. The overall score for all indicators was 8-9 out of  10. Such indicators as reaction and hand technique totaled 10 out of 10, which was the highest  score for all the test participants. NHL Groups USING WHL COMBINE TESTING/ SPORT TESTING INC.: Anaheim Ducks, Dallas Stars, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, Montreal Canadians, Philadelphia  Fliers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Maple Leaves, Winnipeg Jets. NHL TEAMS USING WHL COMBINE TESTING/ SPORT TESTING INC.: Everett Silvertips, Medicine Hat Tigers.

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