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Two-months training sessions that recently completed at the Okanagan Hockey Academy in Canada guided by the best NHL coaches, have given Stiven an indispensable baggage of knowledge and experience in the world of hockey. The Academy is undoubtedly an international leader in hockey education. Players from 28 countries have completed their studies and are currently studying at this school. With the players coming here from all over the world, the Hockey School extends its experience in many different countries: the United States, England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, China, the UAE,  Austria and Russia.

All the training sessions run for eight hours every day and the players work on their skating, hits, technique and physics. The school teachers are the former star players of the NHL. Specially cut  training programs help the young players to develop and improve their individual skills. The classes are held at the Hockey School Center, where all the players attend lectures (with DVD resources), training in the gyms and take part in international competitions with the participation of hockey teams from Russia, Switzerland, the United States and Canada - and all this makes this program a powerful tool in developing professionalism of young hockey players

In accordance with Okanagan system coaches and training programs change every week. At the end of each week hockey players are tested with the help of the modern electronic equipment , which helps to see the results of the training and allows to run analysis of the effectiveness of every player.

Stiven had a unique opportunity to meet and get a lot of experience from Stu Barnes, a very well known NHL coach as well as the hockey teams such as Toronto, Capitals, Vancouver and New York Rangers. At present Stu is coaching Dallas Stars team. With Stu Barnes, Stiven had a great opportunity to train in power skating. The coach like Stiven for his original way to play, his playing technique as well as personal charm. On his puck hits Stiven trained with Willie Desjardins and his physics coach was Mike Babcock, who trains hockey players from the NHL Toronto team.

For a short period of his stay in Canada Stiven has made many friends among famous coaches and future hockey players for all over the world. As it was noted in Stiven’s personal report card upon completion of  his studies, all the coaches were pleasantly surprised by the excellent preparation fo the young Russian hockey player.

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