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— How was the season last year for you?

The season was very successful, but we are also aware that it was not completely finished, which means it was not perfect. From the first day of preseason the team had a big common goal - to get to the Russian championship and confidently win it.

The season began with the first tournament called "Breakthrough", which we failed, to put it bluntly, but we learned a very valuable lesson before the start of the season. We worked on our mistakes and learned what we shouldn't do in the big games in the future.

Overall, I think the season was successful, but also had its minor flaws. All the guys and the coaching staff worked at 100% of their abilities.

— You've got great "chemistry" in your trio (with Matvey Vasin and Vasyl Dronyk). Tell us, how do you like playing with your teammates?

We have a very good and creative "trio". We didn't start playing together right away, but we got together during the season and were able to get a great result from the very first game. We communicate well both on and off the ice, which is important. And, most importantly, we understand our best qualities and try to use them. Everyone does what he is good at. We put it all together and it is more difficult for the opponents to beat us.

— What was your highlight of the season?

It's hard to single out one highlight, as there are quite a few. These are, of course, the team's victories in tough and very important games, as well as some personal achievements and records. And the most enjoyable part is just being on the team, smiling and enjoying hockey.

— What are your plans for next season?

Plans, as always, are grandiose. To prove myself in the MHL from the first minutes! And try to grow every day. To develop not only as a player, but also as a person.


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