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In February  2017, Ufa hosted the 8th Winter Games Tournament among the strongest teams of young hockey players (born in 2003) in Russia. Krutov Victor Ivanovich, the coach of the national junior team of Russia and Pavlov Nikolai Yakovlevich, the coach of the Moscow team “Rus” represented the Moscow team.  The team mainly consisted of the players of “Rus” (Moscow), “Dinamo (Moscow), “TSSKA” (Moscow) and “Vityaz” (Moscow Region).

For Stiven Sardarian this the first game in the Moscow team. An important drawback of this sports event is the constant shuffling of players, which hinders the concentration and collective game of the hockey players. Despite a seemingly stressful situation, Stiven managed to concentrate on the match, to competently choose new strategies, to give accurate passes and score practically every time he went on ice.  Stiven played with such young and promising players as Illiya Ivantsov, Matvey Petrov, Matvey Natvorny and Zakhar Ziminov.  Moscow team became the champion of the 8th Winter Championship among other hockey teams.

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